Nov 4: Dr. Huang presented a survey study on age, self-perceived driving abilities, and autonomous vehicle acceptance at the virtual 2021 Technology, Mind & Society Conference. The conference is available on-demand until May 5, 2022. Learn more about it here

Oct 30: BAT Lab had our first lab social event! Our lab members went on a beautiful morning hike in Cupertino and relaxed over some post-hike brunch and coffee.

Oct 14: Dr. Huang obtained his second Mineta Transportation Institute seed grant for a project with Dr. Etu on public transportation technology and older adults. See details

Oct 11: A study Dr. Huang conducted has been published to Applied Ergonomics. The study covered age-related behavioral differences, and multimodal signal and physical exercise effects on semi-autonomous vehicle takeover requests responses. Read the article here.

Oct 7:
 Dr. Huang presented a study on the effects of aging, physical exercise, and multimodal display on semi-autonomous vehicle takeover performance at the 65th HFES Annual Meeting. See details here.

Sep 8: Dr. Huang presented a pilot study related to non-chronological aging and driving at the IEEE International Conference on Human-Machine Systems, titled "Driver-Vehicle Interaction: The Effects of Physical Exercise and Takeover Request Modality on Automated Vehicle Takeover Performance."