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Welcome to the Behavior, Accessibility, and Technology (BAT) Lab

     The mission of the Behavior, Accessibility, and Technology (BAT) Lab is to develop next-generation human-machine systems that can assist and support humans with technology in a wide range of application domains and to enhance human performance and optimize human well-being.
Our areas of research:
  • Human-automation interaction
  • Automated driving
  • Aging and technology
  • Human-machine interface
  • Human behavior modeling
     We are currently looking for new members who are enthusiastic about conducting human factors studies. Everyone is welcome to join, including graduate and undergraduate students who are excited about next-generation technology! Please contact the lab director if you are interested in working with the BAT Lab:
Dr. Gaojian Huang
​Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
​Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering
​San José State University
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